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Dr. Abe Vaynberg

- Ashland Specialty Ingredients


Abe Vaynberg holds PhD from University of Delaware, Chemical Engineering, with the background and expertise in the areas of colloidal and polymer science and rheology.   As an Ashland veteran of 13 years he held different positions within Ashland, starting as a corporate rheologist and presently working in R&D group of Coatings and Additives within Ashland Specialty Ingredient.  Abe is an author of 12 peer reviewed publications and a number of patents.  His work has been recently recognized by the prestigious Ashland Chairman's Award for Innovation. 

500 Hercules Road
Wilmington, DE, 19808

Phone: +1-302-995-4390

Title: Appliction Reader Technology (ART):  Measuring and Understanding Paint Roll Out Application Properties


Ashland Specialty Ingredients offers industry-leading products, technologies and resources for solving formulation and product performance challenges in key markets including personal care, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, coatings and energy. Using natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic polymers derived from plant and seed extract, cellulose ethers and vinyl pyrrolidones, Ashland Specialty Ingredients offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for today's demanding consumer and industrial applications.

At the heart of everything we do as a business is innovation. We have scores of patents to our name and have helped the world’s leading companies achieve cost savings and improved product quality decade after decade. With notable global research centers and laboratories, we plan to continue to invest in basic and applied research in the management of both aqueous and non-aqueous systems.