Who Should Submit:

We invite papers pertaining to new and emerging technologies within the field of surface coatings, such as:

  • Waterborne

  • High Solids

  • Nano

  • Emulsions

  • Additives

  • Corrosion

  • UV

  • Pigments

  • Bio-based or Derived

  • Powder Coatings

  • Academic Contributions

  • High-Throughput Methodologies/Technologies

  • And Others…

Papers are selected based on the submitted abstracts. All speakers must submit an original paper for publication in our annual Proceedings Book. Papers principally commercial in nature will not be accepted. Papers and presentations should represent recent advancements in coatings science or related disciplines

  • Abstract Submissions: September 15, 2019

    • Short bio (3-5 lines), company logo, picture of the presenter, and hyperlink for the company are due at the time of submission abstract

  • Full Paper Submission: December 1, 2019

    • Permission form to publish your paper in the Proceedings Book is due at the time of paper submission

  • PowerPoint Presentation Submission: February 12, 2020

    • All presentations MUST be in 16:9 ratio

    • All presentations must be original (1st time presented) and non-commercial

Our approval committee reserves the right to reject papers and presentations at any time or for any reason

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

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