2019 Graduate Student Winners

  • 1st - Benjamin Alameda

    • USM, Patton Research Group

  • 2nd - Travis Hollbrook

    • USM, Storey Research Group

  • 3rd - Karina Reynolds

    • USM, Nazarenko Research Group

2019 Undergraduate Student Winners

  • 1st - Noel Chandler Bell

    • USM, Azoulay Research Group

  • 2nd - Levi Hamernick

    • Western Washington University, Misasi Research Group

  • 3rd - Dane Wedgeworth

    • USM, Thames-Rawlins Research Group

Students, please make sure to have your adviser’s permission to attend and present at the Waterborne Symposium prior to submitting an abstract.

  • Abstract Submissions: November 1, 2019

  • Please submit your original abstract in Word format not exceeding 350 words, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, adviser, and co-authors. Please underline the presenters name, even if he/she is not the first author.

Submit your abstracts using the link below. For additional information or questions, contact Hannele Heusser.