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The Waterborne Symposium

Environmentally Friendly Coating Technologies

Mission Statement:

To administer the preeminent educational/technical forum in the United States directed to the science and technology of surface coatings and  to provide revenue to support and advance the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi.


From left to right: Eastman (award sponsor): Brian King 2013 Student Poster Winners: Jack Ly, Christopher Childers, Michael Sims, Li Xiong, Emily Hoff Waterborne Chairman: Robson Storey

From left to right:
Eastman (award sponsor): Brian King
2013 Student Poster Winners: Jack Ly, Christopher Childers, Michael Sims, Li Xiong, Emily Hoff
Waterborne Chairman: Robson Storey

Student Poster Session 
Thursday, February 27, 2014 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Student Poster Awards Sponsored by Eastman Chemical Company

Lochhead Research Group

·         Sarah Chavers: Probing the Mechanism of Associative Thickening

Thames-Rawlins Research Group

·         Christina Konecki: In situ Quantification of Free and Bound Water in Model Epoxy Systems and its Effect on the Glass Transition Temperature

·         Greg Curtzwiler:  Facile Synthesis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Zinc Phosphate Heterostructure as a Dual Purpose Corrosion Control Pigment

Otaigbe Research Group

·         Brady Hall: Nano-Cellulose Reinforced Hybrid Thiol-ene Networks from Bio-Renewable Resources: Structure Development and Properties

·         Patrick Carter: Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Thin Films From Polyhydroxyalkanoate/Caseinate Polymer Melt Blends

Morgan Research Group

·         Qi Wu: Approaches to enhance oxygen permeability in silicone films for contact lens applications

·         Sarah Exley: RAFT Polymerization of 2-(D-glucosyloxy)ethyl acrylamide [GlcEAm], 2-(-D-galactosyloxy)ethyl acrylamide [GalEAm] and 2-acrylamidoethyl dihydrogen phosphate [AEDP] for the Synthesis of GM1 Ganglioside and Phosphatidylserine Mimics

·         Katrina Knauer: Segmental Density Distribution in Polyethersulfone Films for High Performance Coatings Applications\

·         Tyler Brown: Understanding the structure-activity relationship of bio-inspired statistical copolymers prepared

·         Hannah Brown: Synthesis of tri-perylene bisimide for the development of polymer solar cells

Storey Research Group

·         Mark Brei: Thermal and Mechanical Investigation of an Azide-Functional Modified Epoxy Resin System that Cures via Copper-Catalyzed Azide/Alkyne Cycloaddition

·         Ethan Clayton: Evaluation of Leaving Groups in 1,4-Dicumyl-type Initiators for Carbocationic Polymerization of Isobutylene

McCormick Research Group

·         Phillip Pickett: “Polysoaps” to Serve as Uni-Molecular Micelles for Oil Spill Remediation Applications 

·         Keith Parsons: Polymer Micelles as Molecular Templates for Size Control in Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis

Patton Research Group

Graduate Students:

·         Wei Guo:  Post-polymerization modification and adhesion behavior of a catechol functionalized polymer brush surface

·         Yidan Guan: Fabricating Conductive and Super-Hydrophobic Biomimetic Surface: Evaporation-Driven Self-Assembly of Reduced Graphene Oxide on a Negative Template of Non-Wetting Natural Leaves

·         Li Xiong: Ice-phobic properties of LIFP surfaces fabricated via thiol-ene photopolymerization

·         Jananee Narayanan: Covalently cross-linked hybrid dual cure networks based on dually polymerizable monomer containing benzoxazine and norbornene moieties

Undergraduate Students:

·         Jared Cobb: “Sticky” thiol-ene polymer networks using natural product derivatives

·         Laken Kendrick: Responsive high refractive index thiol-ene/sol-gel hybrid nanocomposite networks

·         Chase Tretbar: Polymerization of Blocked Isocyanate Functional Polymers and Post-Polymerization Modification by Thiol-Isocyanate Reactions