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Steve and Beth McDaniel

CEO/Chairman - Reactive Surfaces, LTD.

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Steve and Beth McDaniel are the partners in the lawfirm, McDaniel and Associates, PC (TechnologyLitigators.com), and founders of Reactive Surfaces – the world’s leading bio-based functional coatings company known for its WMDtox™, DeGreez™ and ProteCoat® lines of functional coatings. Their law firm co-authors the monthly intellectual property feature “iPaint” in Coatings World directed at coatings technology protection.

Address: Reactive Surfaces, LTD 
300 West Avenue, Suite 1316
Austin, TX  78701

Phone:  (512) 472-8282
Fax:   (512) 472-8181

Title:  iPaint, uPaint, We All Paint! 

Reactive Surfaces adds functionality to paints and coatings, “bringing them to life.”

Employing proprietary and environmentally-friendly enzyme and peptide technology, Reactive Surfaces strives to be the best and most innovative bioengineering company serving the worldwide paint and coatings markets.

Initially, Reactive Surfaces’s bioengineered additives were designed for decontamination and remediation of chemical threat agents. Today, in addition to self-decontaminating surfaces, RSL has developed enzyme- and peptide-based additives to functionalize surfaces in a wide variety of industries and uses: self-cleaning anti-microbial surfaces, self-degreasing surfaces, mold-inhibiting surfaces, textiles with reactive coatings, self-healing coatings and catalytic column coatings for liquid and gaseous waste-stream decontamination.

Since its inception in 2002, RSL has collaborated with renowned scientists at Texas A&M University, the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Georgia; research projects continue at those universities.