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Siltech - Best Innovative Paper Award Sponsor

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Siltech - Best Innovative Paper Award Sponsor


Siltech Best Innovative Paper Award

Industrial Applications
Siltech Corporation
225 Wicksteed Avenue . Toronto
Ontario . Canada . M4H 1G5

Telephone: [416] 424-4567
Facsimile: [416] 424-3158

Personal Care Applications
Siltech LLC
1625 Lakes Parkway, Suite N
Lawrenceville . GA . 30043 . USA

Telephone: [678] 442-0210
Facsimile: [678] 442-9624

Website: www.siltech.com

Siltech has two modern plants, one located in Toronto, Canada and the other in Mississauga, Canada. Both plants are equipped with efficient, large-scale, high-temperature and pressure reactors, thin film evaporators and other modern equipment required in such unit processes as equilibration, hydrosylilation, quaternization, amidation, phosphation, esterification, etc.

In addition to allocating considerable development resources to the refinement and optimization of production techniques, which have resulted in a unique processing technology, we at Siltech pay special attention to the changing technological requirements of the industries we serve.

Our R&D and technical service laboratories are modernly equipped and staffed by chemists with many years of experience in diverse segments of the chemical processing industry. In addition, we have efficient pilot plant facilities available to produce special products for your experimental needs.

We are proud of the quality of the products described in this brochure. Most are available from stock on short notice. However, we will gladly manufacture other homologues to minimum order.

Many old problems may be solved with new silicone surfactants. We welcome the opportunity to partner with customers, as we believe this results in the creation of the most formulator-friendly, cost-effective silicone specialties.

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