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Chitec - Symposium Flash Drives

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Chitec - Symposium Flash Drives


Symposium Flash Drives


Christopher J. Karwowski
Vice President Managing Director
Chitec Technology Co. Ltd.

Website: www.chitec.com

Since its establishment in 1998, Chitec has been focusing on the research and development of specialty chemical applications for various industries, including electronics, medicine, automotive, and construction, etc. During this time Chitec has steadily built up its major product lines, such as photoinitiators, UV absorbers, antioxidants, flame retardants and others. To date, Chitec has not only set up two plants and one R&D center in Taiwan, but also has established a sales network that covers five continents. These are the critical building blocks of Chitec’s global success in the coating and plastics specialty chemical business. In 2010, Chitec was listed on Taiwan's Emerging Stock Market (stock code No. 3430) and became a public listed company. 


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