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David White - Introduction to Pigments


David White - Introduction to Pigments


 Introduction to Pigments

Pigment characteristics, classification, opacity, particle size, oil absorption value, PVC, CPVC, RPVC, organic and inorganic pigments, metallic and pearlescent pigments

David White
Technical Director
Universal Colorants for Heucotech Ltd

David White is Lab Manager- Universal Colorants for Heucotech Ltd. David has over 30 years experience in colorants, dispersions and coatings and has held a variety of positions in production, research laboratories, and sales. His technical experience includes dispersions and colorants for architectural and industrial coatings, arts and crafts, and plastisols. David is currently responsible for the development of Zero VOC Colorants and is based out of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. He is a Past President for the New York Society for Coatings Technology and currently the Vice President & Technical Committee Chairman for the Metropolitan New York Coatings Association.

99 Newbold Road
Fairless Hills, PA 19030-4932
Phone: (215) 736-0712 ext. 142

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