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Dr. Romesh Kumar

Senior Technical Sales Manager- North America


Romesh Kumar is a Senior Technical Sales Manager - North America at Clariant Corporation for pigments business. He specializes in colorants for coatings, color measurement and other related applications.
He attended Laurentian University (Sudbury, Ontario), and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy NY). He is a member of the Inter Society Color Council, and American Coatings Association. He has made several presentations about pigment
applications and color measurement at both  national and international meetings during his over 33 years in the coatings industry.


Phone: 704-905-3154


Title: Pigment Selection for Architectural Coatings

BU Pigments

Clariant’s Business Unit Pigments is a leading global provider of organic pigments, pigment preparations and dyes used in coatings, printing, plastics, consumer products and other special applications.

Our broad portfolio includes high-performance pigments and dyes to meet the exacting demands for automotive, industrial and architectural coatings, for the plastics industry, for special applications as well as colorants used in traditional printing, and inkjet and laser printers.

Decades of experience and know-how means our products have a reputation for technical performance and quality, an offer which is supported through global and regional technical service centers.

Clariant proactively ensures its products meet international standards and strives for being at the forefront of environmental, health and safety performance.

For paints and other coatings, our broad range of colorants includes pigments, pigment preparations, dyes and the innovative Easily Dispersible pigments.

Plastics and Special Applications
For the plastics sector, our pigments, pigment preparations and dyes display excellent properties such as high fastness, color stability and non-warping. We offer a wide range of colorants designed to meet international safety regulations for use, for example, in toys or food packaging.

We also provide colorants for the full range of printing technology – from newsprint, magazines, food packaging and security printing to inkjet, other non-impact printing systems and electronic display technologies.

Clariant is a member of ETAD (Link to ETAD), the Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers was formed in 1974 to represent the industries on matters relating to health and the environment. To get more information on Environment, safety and Health please contact Klaus.Kund@Clariant.com

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