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Dr. Richard Sudduth 

President and Chief Scientist - Materials Research and Processing, LLC 

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Richard Sudduth is currently President and Chief Scientist of Materials Research and Processing, LLC.  He has a B.S. and an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nebraska and the University of Michigan Respectively.  His Ph.D. however is in Macromolecular Science from Case Western Reserve University.   He has over 30 years of industrial experience as well some teaching experience at two universities. His extensive publications, presentations and experience have primarily addressed applications involved with particles of various sizes, shapes and distributions for thermoset and thermoplastic formulations to optimize such physical properties as viscosity, impact, modulus, tensile strength, creep and stress relaxation.  

102 Rue Le Bois
Lafayette, LA 70508

Phone: 337-236-3780
Fax: 337-236-3780

Title: A New Approach to Estimate the Dynamic Gel Time/Temperature for Coating Applications