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The Waterborne Symposium

Environmentally Friendly Coating Technologies

Mission Statement:

To administer the preeminent educational/technical forum in the United States directed to the science and technology of surface coatings and  to provide revenue to support and advance the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi.


NOTICE: ONLY APPLIES TO SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18th and our three day short course attendees/instructors - All other reservations please only contact if you have an issue.

Due to the NBA All Star game being moved to New Orleans the city is SOLD OUT for February 18, 2017. We have an extremely limited number of rooms on hold and ALL reservations for those rooms must be made directly with melanie.heusser@usm.edu or 601-266-4475. If you call the hotel they will tell you there are NO ROOMS AVAILABLE.

Reformulating to Waterborne Coatings 

Dr. Robson F. Storey

Dr. Robson F. Storey

Dates: February 20 - 21, 2017 (Two Day Course)

Dr.  Robson F. Storey
Bennett Distinguished Professor of Polymer Science

Course Purpose: To provide chemists in the coatings industry an understanding of the principles involved in reformulating systems to a waterborne system.
Course Description: Reformulating to Waterborne Coatings is an intensive, two-day course providing an introduction to the technology of waterborne coatings with an emphasis on the challenges encountered in converting existing solvent-borne coating systems to water. It consists of a series of lectures organized around various popular coating types including acrylic latex, polyester/alkyd, two-component polyurethane, polyurethane dispersion, epoxy, and silicone. Additional topics include the use of additives, pigments and pigment dispersion, and application methods for waterborne coatings.
Who should attend: The course is designed for coating chemists and formulators and for persons interested in new applications for waterborne coatings.

Our Speakers 


Dr. Robson F. Storey- The University of Southern Mississippi
*Welcome & Course Overview
*Fundamentals of Polymer Design for Waterborne Coatings

Dr. Leo Procopio - The Dow Chemical Company
*Formulating Waterborne Acrylic Polymers for Industrial Coatings
*Application Methods for Waterborne Coatings

Shiying Zheng - Air Products & Chemicals, Inc
*Formulating Two-Package, Ambient-Cure Waterborne Epoxy Coatings

Peter Schmitt -  Covestro
*The Use of Waterborne Polyurethanes in High Performance Coatings

Mike Jeffries - Covestro
*High Performance Waterborne Two-Component Polyurethanes

Jim Reader - Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
*Surfactants and Defoamers in Waterborne Coatings

Dr. Ayumu Yokoyama - Axalta Coating Systems
 *Formulation of Waterborne Pigment Dispersions

Dr. Romesh Kumar - CLARIANT Corporation
*Pigment Selection for Architectural Coatings

Dr. Donald Liles - Dow Corning Corporation
*The Role of Silicones in Formulating Water-Based Coatings



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