2019 OPTIONAL Networking Activity:
HaUnted Vampire Pub Crawl

Duration: Aproximately 2.5 Hours
6:00 -8:30 pm

Join us for the #1 Haunted Tour in New Orleans

The New Orleans YOU want to KNOW!


New Orleans is a hot, humid and sometimes unforgiving place where in the dead of summer the air takes on the quality of a crawfish boil. It is a long, drawn out fever that seeps into the bloodstream and compels even the sweetest from small town America to do obscene things. This is the real New Orleans which does not fit neatly into the category of "American" city. It is a black water port, Caribbean and lawless; settled by thieves, prostitutes, and the other criminally disposed. It is also Catholic and pious with Roman altars trimmed in gold. It is equally black magic, Voodoo, and the steady throb of African drums. New Orleans is sex and confession. It is sin and forgiveness. This is the place where God and the Devil shook hands so the party could go on. New Orleans is a city for the sinner and the saint. This is a tour that takes you through the sweat soaked madness of our best and worst. Get lost with us in this strange city and explore its dark past because this is NOT your grandmother's tour.

This, my friend, is the real New Orleans!

Enter the world of the undead as guides take you on an unforgettable journey into the darkest ends and corners of the New Orleans French Quarter. During this walking tour, experience the legends of famous New Orleans vampires, real and fictional, and even hear about some chilling police cases involving “real” vampire attacks.  Visit locations associated with these creatures of the night, and even see some of the areas that were used in the making of “Interview of the Vampire.” Be prepared to stop at several local bars whose history will make your blood run cold, including a visit to a Tavern once occupied solely by the undead.  Are there vampires still lurking in the French Quarter? There might be, are you ready to find out…

COST:  $ 40.00

Please Note: We will be leaving the hotel lobby to walk over to St. Louis Cathedral (Chartres Street side, facing Jackson Square) at 5:30 pm sharp. Please meet no later than 5:15 by the bellman desk in the hotel lobby. You must be 21 years or older for this event. No refunds available for this item.

Images from  Past Tours