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Michael Wolfe

Manager of Coatings and Adhesives- NYCO Minerals

Michael Wolfe has been in the coatings industry since 1988. He is a past president of the Cleveland Society for Coatings Technology.  As a member of the Societies Technical Committee, Michael participated in various studies conducted by the committee, including: The effects of various additives on the drying behavior of latex systems, Pigment packing affects and the determination of the CPVC through the monitoring of the hiding characteristics of drying paint, as well as a three year study on correlating natural weathering to accelerated testing. For the last three years, Michael has been working with coatings companies around the world and the use of Wollastonite as an integral part of powder and liquid formulations.
Michael is a member of the American Coatings association, as well as the Cleveland society of coatings where he serves as the society liaison for the ACA. Michael is also a member of NACE.
Michael attended The Ohio State University in addition to taking continuing education courses on specific coatings topics through Eastern Michigan University, Kent State University and the University of Akron.

Phone: 518-570-7342

Title: Alternatives to Zinc Dust in Powder Coatings


For more than 50 years, NYCO has worked with industry around the world to bring the unique benefits of wollastonite to an ever-growing number of applications. We take special pride in finding the right product for our customers’ specific needs.

What drives us forward is always the next challenge: yours.

With the widest range of wollastonite grades available and our unparalleled chemical modification technology, we can help you find an effective, economical solution to your unique challenges. You’ll also access the most experienced customer service and technical support teams in the industry.