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Kevin Biller

Powder Coating Research Group

Kevin has been formulating and manufacturing powder coatings since he began his career in 1978 at the Glidden Paint Company.  He held various technical positions during his 15 years there including Group Leader - Automotive Coatings, and Section Leader - European Core Laboratory while he was stationed in Birmingham, England for Glidden's parent ICI Paints.

When ICI sold their powder coating division Kevin left to become Development Manager at Herberts Powder Coatings in Columbus, Ohio.  In 1997 Mr. Biller formed a consulting firm, Biller Technical Resources, Ltd specializing in providing technical solutions to the powder coating industry.  In 1998 Kevin became President of Wabash Powder Coatings in Terre Haute, IN.

In 1999 Mr. Biller acquired the majority interest in IRIS Powder Coatings, Inc.  This custom manufacturer of specialty powder coatings was sold to Jamestown Powder Coatings in December 2001.  Kevin was the Vice President/General Manager for Jamestown Powder Coatings in Columbus, OH until 2005.

Kevin was the Technical Editor of Finishing Today magazine in 2006 and 2007. He is currently the Technical Editor of Powder Coated Tough magazine and on the editorial board for International Paint & Coating Magazine. His Q&A column, Ask Joe Powder, appears in many publications.

Biller established the Powder Coating Research Group in 2007.  This R&D laboratory is a leader in powder coating innovation, evaluation, and testing.

In 2013 Kevin launched Matrix Powder Technology, a manufacturer of high quality powder coatings.

Mr. Biller has developed a course, Powder Coatings 101 which teaches the fundamentals of powder coating formulating technology.  He presents this course once or twice a year.  This course has evolved into the Powder Coating Summit which includes a symposium of new technology and various hands-on demonstrations.

Kevin has four US Patents in powder coating technology. He has delivered numerous papers and written many articles on powder coatings. He has recently published a handbook Powder Coatings: Foundation for the Novice Formulator by BNP Media, Troy, MI.


  • 5,935,661   Radiation curing of powder coatings n heat sensitive substrates: chemical compositions and processes for obtaining coated workpieces.

  • 5,877,231  Radiation curable powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates

  • 5,824,373  Radiation curing of powder coatings on wood

  • 5,789,039   Radiation curing of powder coatings on heat sensitive substrates: chemical compositions and processes for obtaining coated work pieces

Address:  The Powder Coating Research Group
15 W. Cherry Street, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: 1-614-354-1198

Email: kevinbiller@yahoo.com

Title: New Developments in Anti-Microbial Powder Coating Technology 

The Powder Coating Research Group is the comprehensive solution for all your powder coating technology needs. The PCR Group provides cutting edge research and development combined with precise testing and insightful troubleshooting.  We offer the services you need to resolve your technical challenges with consulting,product development and laboratory services including testing and pilot production scale-up capability.

Our modus operandi is to assist you in the early stages of your research and development through our consulting services. As your program evolves we provide formulation support and relevant powder sample preparation using our state-of-the-art processing equipment. The Powder Coating Research Group’s will take your technology from the laboratory to full scale production.

The Powder Coating Research Group is the world’s only independent laboratory of its kind and provides the invaluable combination of expert consultation, research & development and coating evaluation services.

PCR has testing instrumentation and equipment specifically designed for powder coating technology. Our expertise in powder coating technology allows us to provide you with results and conclusions relevant to the powder coating industry. We also offer accelerated exposure testing.