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2016 Floor plan is not yet available.  
Booth descriptions are located below diagram.

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  • BOOTH 1:  Evonik Corporation

    Evonik is the leading supplier of specialty chemicals worldwide and offers solutions for almost all coatings components. By remaining committed to a customer-centered approach, we are able to deliver innovative, effective, and individual solutions for even the biggest formulation issues. Evonik offers services and products in the following coating constituents:

    · Additives

    · Crosslinkers

    · Matting Agents

    · Resin Components

    · Resins 

  • BOOTH 3: Clariant

    Clariant’s Paints & Coatings Business is focused on meeting our customers’ requirements for favorable labeling, performance and quality by providing surfactants, wetting and dispersing agents, humectants, stabilizers and emulsifiers.  





  • BOOTH 13: WACKER Chemical Corporation

    Tailored Silicone Solutions for Harsh Environments
    WACKER offers silicone solutions for waterborne industrial and architectural coatings that allow for ease of application and long-term performance

  • BOOTH 15: SASOL Performance Chemicals

    Sasol Performance Chemicals is a global manufacturer of surfactants, solvents, alcohols and inorganic alumina.  These products are used in paints and coatings, oilfield, as well as, in catalysts, high performance abrasives and polymer additives.  Sasol Performance Chemicals is a main chemical business of Sasol Limited, an integrated energy and chemical based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Sasol production sites are located in the United States, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Dubai, South Africa, and China.

  • BOOTH 17:  Oxiteno

    Guided by innovation and sustainability, Oxiteno is a Brazilian based chemical company that operates worldwide as a leading manufacturer of surfactants and specialty chemicals. As a key supplier in the Paints and Coatings market, we develop efficient and multifunctional solutions with improved surfactant performance in both wetting and emulsification. In addition, we focus on concentrated ingredients and formulations, providing energy-saving potential and environmental benefits in the production process and finished product.

    Our portfolio is comprised of products that are derived from renewable resources and include safer compounds such as APE free surfactants. Our slate of products includes nonionic, anionic, and specialty surfactants as well as green solvents for the high solids coatings formulations. 

  • BOOTH 19: Dow Corning Corporation

  • BOOTH 2: Emerald Performance Materials

    Emerald delivers the latest innovations in environmentally friendly, high performance additives – bringing flexibility, durability, and color to coatings, graphic arts, and adhesives.

    K-FLEX® coalescents enable formulators to reduce VOCs with superior scrub resistance and gloss, 36+ months’ exterior exposure, and equivalent dirt pick-up to high-VOC coalescents. Other Emerald® products for coatings include Verdis® 0-VOC, formaldehyde/APE-free dispersions; Lucida Colors® and Trans-Oxide® dispersions for UV/EB; FOAM BLAST® defoamers; Hypro™ reactive liquid polymers; EPALLOY™/HyPox™ epoxies; ERISYS™ reactive modifiers, and more.

    William Arendt, research fellow, will present “Case Studies in Formulating with Low-VOC Coalescents” 2PM Thursday.

     4 business groups, 8 operations, 750 employees globally.

  • BOOTH 4: ADM - Evolution Chemicals

    ADM – Evolution Chemicals is an affiliate of the Archer Daniels Midland Company, one of the world’s largest agricultural processors. ADM – Evolution Chemicals provides renewable solutions to the paint and coatings industry


    High Performance Additives and Bio-based Building Blocks
    Croda Coatings & Polymers offers an extensive product portfolio of bio-based monomers and specialty additives designed to deliver specific high performance characteristics to your coatings.”

  • BOOTH 10: KH Neochem Americas, Inc

    Unique Monomers and Intermediates from KH Neochem
    KH Neochem provides a monomer package used to make “self crosslinking” water borne resins.     We will compare the chemical resistance and hardness of crosslinked and uncrosslinked clear films made from an acrylic emulsion with a calculated Tg of
    • 0 ̊  C.      This chemistry is based on diacetone acrylamide and adipic dihydrazide.     Resins that contain the self crosslinking chemistry have improved solvent and block resistance.   We also have a family of branched diols  that are used to make polyester and polyurethane resins with excellent flexibility, compatibility and water resistance.  The structures of our unique branched diols will be illustrated in the panels.  

  • BOOTH 12: Air Products 

    Air Products offers a full range of high-performance specialty additives for waterborne coatings. Airase® Structured Siloxane Defoamer Line (SSDL™), Surfynol® surfactants and defoamers, Dynol™ surfactant superwetters, ZetaSperse® dispersants and Carbowet® surfactants and grind aids. Our additives provide unique formulating solutions for architectural, automotive, and industrial coatings.

  • BOOTH 14: Siltech

    Using our proprietary technologies, Siltech develops, manufactures and markets a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds for specific customer applications. With more than 25 years of experience and two manufacturing facilities, our expertise includes organo-modified silicone surfactants and polymers.  Siltech inks & coatings additives have long been recognized as providing improved slip, gloss, mar resistance, leveling, and foam control. Furthermore, because silicones are efficient at very low concentrations, they are cost effective and widely used.  Our expertise in reactive silicones aligns with industry needs to bind into a coating as well as modification of resins for hybrid properties. 


  • BOOTH 18: Resinate Materials Group, Inc

    Specialty Polyols Based on Recycled Content Creating multi-functional coatings using recycled material streams

  • BOOTH 20: Mississippi Polymer Institute
    The Mississippi Polymer Institute is an ISO 17025 accredited, full service resource created to serve industries that manufacture, process, or use polymeric materials.  Working in conjunction with the School of High Performance Materials at the University of Southern Mississippi, MPI routinely provides technical services and workforce development programs.

Table Tops

  • USM Polymer Science Association

    The Polymer Science Association (PSA) is an undergraduate service association devoted to supporting polymer science undergraduates in their academic endeavors. It also serves as an outreach program to science-minded high school students in Mississippi and helps raise       awareness for polymer science and the USM School of Polymers and High Performance Materials in our community. The PSA's activities involve recruiting, conducting science experiments and demonstrations, providing tours, and organizing school events.  The PSA is advised by Dr. James Rawlins. They invite experts to lecture on various topics of interest to the group, including resume and portfolio building, career opportunities in  industry and academia, and summer internships.

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