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Floorplan will be updated with availability as reservations are received.  Click the picture to open a PDF copy of the floor plan with the attached booth descriptions

Booth Descriptions

  1. Orion Carbons

    • Orion Engineered Carbons, an innovator in carbon blacks, is exhibiting three key products for water-borne, powder and high solids coating systems. Colour Black FW 171 offers high jetness and excellent stability in both water and powder. XPB 255 features superior jetness properties with universal capability in water and solvent coating systems. New XPB 545 offers high conductivity without sacrificing color performance.

  2. Air Products

    • Air Products offers a full range of high-performance specialty additives for waterborne coatings. Airase® Structured Siloxane Defoamer Line (SSDL™), Surfynol® surfactants and defoamers, Dynol™ surfactant superwetters, ZetaSperse® dispersants and Carbowet® surfactants and grind aids. Our additives provide unique formulating solutions for architectural, automotive, and industrial coatings.

  3. FedChem, LLC

    • FedChem is a global leader in the production of specialty metal organic additives for the coatings industry.  MANCHEM® Zircoaluminates are a range of coupling agents developed to promote adhesion of coatings to substrates and inter-coat adhesion of coating systems.  For additional information and sampling, please visit www.manchem.com.   

  4. TA Instruments

    • TA Instruments provides premier technology for thermal analysis, rheology and microcalorimetry.  We provide innovative instrumentation for materials characterization of polymers, pharmaceuticals, proteins, paints and coatings and more. The Discovery Hybrid Rheometer is the most versatile rheometer for any laboratory, with an extensive range of accessories including UV curing and tribology.

  5. Mettler Toledo

    • Understand reaction kinetics, mechanisms and pathways with real time in situ monitoring. Evaluate catalysts and solvents and monitor the degree of polymerization and monomer uptake. Synthesis workstations replace traditional round bottom flasks and ensure accurate, traceable and reproducible polymerizations. The data provided  is used for kinetic analysis and eliminates problems associated with poor control of process parameters.

  6. Clariant

    • Clariant’s Paints & Coatings Business is focused on meeting our customers’ requirements for favorable labeling, performance and quality by providing surfactants, wetting and dispersing agents, humectants, stabilizers and emulsifiers. 

  7. PCI

    • Paint & Coatings Industry (PCI) Magazine offers both the reader and the advertiser several media platforms, such as print and digital editions, Webinars sponsored by coatings experts, eNewsletters, our website and our annual live event – Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT). PCI reaches more coatings formulators and manufacturers than any other magazine, giving you the targeted readership your brand needs

  8. Siltech

    • Using our proprietary technologies, Siltech develops, manufactures and markets a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds for specific customer applications. With more than 25 years of experience and two manufacturing facilities, our expertise includes organo-modified silicone surfactants and polymers.  Siltech inks & coatings additives have long been recognized as providing improved slip, gloss, mar resistance, leveling, and foam control. Furthermore, because silicones are efficient at very low concentrations, they are cost effective and widely used.  Our expertise in reactive silicones aligns with industry needs to bind into a coating as well as modification of resins for hybrid properties. 

  9. Dow Coating Materials

    • Dow Coating Materials introduced the world’s first all acrylic binder for latex paint in 1953 and has been helping advance performance ever since with breakthroughs like ACRYSOLTM RM995 Rheology Modifier for excellent sag-flow balance and EVOQUE™ Pre-Composite Polymer for improved barrier properties and TiO2 savings.  How can we advance your paint?

  10. KHNeochem

    • We offer a monomer package used in making self crosslinking water borne resins. We also have a family of unique branched hydrophobic diols, two of which are low viscosity liquids with melting points around -40 C. They can easily be used in polyester resins or as chain extenders in coatings.

  11. Allnex

    • A global company with $1.5 billion in sales, Allnex is a leading supplier of resins for architectural, industrial, OEM and special purpose coatings. We are recognized as a specialty chemicals pioneer and known for our professionalism and for offering the broadest portfolio of high quality, innovative liquid resins and additives, radiation cured and powder coating resins, and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces.

  12. Hunstman Advanced Materials

    • Huntsman Advanced Materials is a pioneer in the development of polymer technologies for epoxy systems. We offer an extensive and innovative product portfolio for Waterborne Epoxy Systems, Epoxy Resins, Epoxy Curing Agents, and Reactive Diluents for the Coatings & Construction Industry in the segments of Industrial Maintenance, Marine, Automotive, Powder Coatings, Civil Engineering and Packaging. 

  13. Evonik

    • Evonik is the leading supplier of specialty chemicals worldwide and offers solutions for almost all coatings components. By remaining committed to a customer-centered approach, we are able to deliver innovative, effective, and individual solutions for even the biggest formulation issues.  Evonik offers services and products in the following coating constituents: Resins, Resin Components, Matting Agents, Crosslinkers, and Additives.

  14. Carl Zeiss Microscopy

    • As the world's only manufacturer of light, X-ray and electron microscopes, ZEISS offers tailor-made microscope systems for industry, materials research and academia. A well-trained sales force, an extensive support infrastructure and a responsive service team enable customers to use their ZEISS microscope systems to their full potential.

  15. Hybrid Plastics

    • Hybrid Plastics manufactures POSS® chemicals and provides adoption support toward their use.  POSS® Dispersion Aids provide economical use of fillers, pigments, and actives in coatings.  POSS® Flow Aids afford extrusion rate improvements in rubber, and thermoplastics.  Reactive POSS® provide improved adhesion and mechanicals in thermosetting resins.  

  16. Emerald Performance Materials

    • Emerald delivers the latest innovations in low-VOC, high performance additives—bringing flexibility, durability, performance, and color to coatings, adhesives, and graphic arts. Featured lines include: K-FLEX® non-phthalate plasticizers/coalescents, SILMERA® silicone additives, LUCIDA COLORS™ EC and VERDIS™ 0-VOC dispersions, FOAM BLAST® 0-VOC defoamers, HYPRO™ CTBNs and HTPBs, specialty epoxies, and more.

  17. Sasol Olefins and Surfactants

    • Sasol Olefins and Surfactants (O&S) is a global manufacturer of surfactants, solvents, alcohols, and inorganic alumina. These products are used in paints and coatings, oilfield, detergents, as well as, in catalysts, high performance abrasives and polymer additives. Sasol O&S is a main chemical business of Sasol Limited, an integrated energy and chemical company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sasol O&S production sites are located in the United States, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Dubai, South Africa, and China.

  18. PhibroChem

    • PhibroChem has become well known as a niche supplier of waterborne emulsions, adhesion promoters, waxes, wetting agents and defoamers. Furthermore, our pearlescent pigments are used as a true drop in alternative. Experience a supplier that works with you to meet your technical and commercial needs.

  19. United Soybean Board

    • The United Soybean Board (USB) is a farmer-funded organization working with industry, academia and government to commercialize soy-based products and technologies. The USB trade show exhibit will feature Lee Walko, Commercialization Manager, to answer questions on soy-based technology developments, and displays of various paints, coatings, stains and sealers utilizing soy chemistry in combination with acrylic, polyester and epoxy chemistry. Benefits of soy chemistry include performance, versatility, cost and a renewable resource. USB-funded successes include soy-based polyol products for polyurethanes and unsaturated polyester resins used in paints and stains, as well as soy-based adhesives, composites and polyurethane spray foam insulation. The USB represents more than 600,000 U.S. soybean farmers. For more information, visit www.soynewuses.org.

  20. Chemguard, Inc

    • Chemguard manufactures high performance short chain specialty fluorosurfactants and fluoropolymers for the coatings and inks industry. The product line includes anionic, cationic, amphoteric, and nonionic fluorosurfactants. They find wide applications in paints, stains, cleaners, waxes, polishes, and sealers. Chemguard fluorosurfactants are telomer based and use the C-6 perfluoro backbone.

  • USM Polymer Science Association

    • The Polymer Science Association (PSA) is an undergraduate service association devoted to supporting polymer science undergraduates in their academic endeavors. It also serves as an outreach program to science-minded high school students in Mississippi and helps raise       awareness for polymer science and the USM School of Polymers and High Performance Materials in our community. The PSA's activities involve recruiting, conducting science experiments and demonstrations, providing tours, and organizing school events.  The PSA is advised by Dr. James Rawlins. They invite experts to lecture on various topics of interest to the group, including resume and portfolio building, career opportunities in  industry and academia, and summer internships.

  • CoatingsTech

    • The American Coatings Association’s publications are well-respected in the industry. Our exhibit features the scientific journal, Journal of Coatings  Technology and Research and the monthly trade journal, CoatingsTech. Stop by for sample copies of both. Information is available on the ACA’s upcoming educational programs, including the popular series of Virtual Learning   Conferences, as well as the Advancements in Coatings Series conferences. Also featured is information on the upcoming American Coatings Show, to be held in April in Atlanta

  • Southern Society of Coating Technology

    • The Southern Society for Coatings Technology is an individual membership organization composed of individuals who are employed by or retired from a manufacturer of the products of the protective or decorative coatings, printing ink, or allied industries, or by those firms that manufacture or sell raw materials, supplies, services or equipment required by those industries. The primary mission of the SSCT is to provide technical assistance and educational activities for its members. Atlanta and Florida Sections provide monthly technical presentations and the SSCT sponsors an annual 3-day technical program (2013, April 21-24 Sarasota, FL).  For additional information, please visit: www.ssct.org

  • Coatings World

    • Coatings World is published monthly and is read by over 20,000 technical formulators, purchasing, managerial and marketing directors involved in the manufacture of paint and coatings worldwide. Our staff of editors and correspondents, based in Asia, Europe and the Americas provide the most global information available on the US$93 billion coatings industry. Please visit our web site for further information: www.coatingsworld.com