DyStar Performance Chemicals


DyStar Performance Chemicals


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DyStar Performance Chemicals was formed when certain business units and assets of Emerald Performance Materials were acquired in November 2016. DyStar’s core business is dye stuffs and auxiliaries for textiles, and the company is excited to diversify into the paints and coatings industry with colorants and additves.
DyStar’s current portolio for the paints and coatings industry includes pigment dispersions, defoamers, super‐weters, and hydrophobic additves. Our R&D team is actvely working on solutions to problems stemming from the low VOC regulatory requirements. We are flexible and willing to customize innovative solutions for our customers.

Website:  www.dystar.com

Booth Attendees:
Bryan Haltom ‐ Business Development and Marketing Manager,

DyStar, LP
9844-A Southern Pine Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273

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