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Oxiteno - Evolution by Chemistry


Oxiteno - Evolution by Chemistry


Booth Title: Oxiteno

Booth Number: 118

Booth Description:
Guided by innovation and sustainability, Oxiteno is a Brazilian based chemical company that operates worldwide as a leading manufacturer of surfactants and specialty chemicals. As a key supplier in the Paints and Coatings market, we develop efficient and multifunctional solutions with improved surfactant performance in both wetting and emulsification. In addition, we focus on concentrated ingredients and formulations, providing energysaving potential and environmental benefits in the production process and finished product.

Our portfolio is comprised of products that are derived from renewable
resources and include safer compounds such as APE free surfactants. Our
slate of products includes nonionic, anionic, and specialty surfactants as well as green solvents for the high solids coatings formulations.

Website: www.oxiteno.com

Booth Attendees:
Kip Sharp , US Technical Service Manager
Emerson Venceslau , Sr. R&D Scientist

kip.sharp@oxiteno.com, 281‐909 ‐ 7610

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