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DataPhysics Instruments


DataPhysics Instruments


Booth Title: DataPhysics Instruments

Booth Number: 116

Booth Description:
The measurement of contact angle, surface tension, surface free energy of solids, work of adhesion and other relevant parameters for surface science isour core competence. Our tensiometers, contact angle measurement instruments, humidity generators and our instruments for characterizing disperse material systems and emulsions are worldwide known in science and industry as reliable instruments. Please have a look through our website for further detailed information; we will be pleased to get in touch with you for any questions regarding your tasks. Welcome to the world of interfaces. DataPhysics Instruments ‐ Understanding Interfaces.

Website: www.dataphysics.de

Booth Attendees:
Daniel Scholz, Sales Manager

d.scholz@dataphysics.de, 49‐711‐770556‐0

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