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BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc


BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc


Booth Title: BruggemannChemical

Booth Number: 220

Booth Description:
BruggemannChemical is the leading global manufacturer of reducing agents for emulsion polymerization. In addition to its use in post polymerization, Bruggolite® FF6M can be used to initiate polymerization at room temperature without any increase in cycle time. These low temperature redox initiated systems yield polymers with higher Mw and lower free monomer than conventional thermal reactions.

Website: www.brueggemann.com

Booth Attendees:
Mike O’Shaughnessy, President Newtown Square, PA USA
Paul Fithian, Regional Sales Manager Newtown Square, PA USA
Matthias Lubik, Product Manager Heilbronn, Germany

mike.oshaughnessy@brueggemann.com, 704-989-7669
paul.fithian@brueggemann.com, 291-448-9114

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