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Copy of Austin Chemical Company

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Copy of Austin Chemical Company


Booth Title: Austin Chemical

Booth Number: 226

Booth Description:
Proprietary polymer manufacturing control systems by APMT, Inc. for real‐time monitoring and control of polymer reactions to improve process cycle times and cost [www.apmtinc.com]

Specialty Ketones and Polycarbonate Polyols [Ravecarb] to make high
performance polyurethanes [CASE]. [www.caffaroindustrie.com]

PO3G, High performance Polyether Polyols from renewable 1,3‐Propanediol as a replacement for petroleum‐based ingredients

Organophosphorus and Organosilyl surface modifiers; lab to commercial scale [www.cfkb.de]

Leading PR&D Technology Solutions from Syncom [www.syncom.nl]

Strategic sourcing and technical support via globally‐based branch and partner offices (China, India, Switzerland, USA).

Website: www.austinchemical.com

Booth Attendees:
Samuel M. Ponticelli , Chairman and CEO
Maurice J. Baillargeon , Business Development Director
Alex Reed, CEO of APMT
Natalie Leonardi, Research Engineer at APMT

Maurice J. Baillargeon, 847‐520‐9600 ext 115

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