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AGC Chemicals Americas

LUMIFLON FEVE RT Logo (002).jpg
LUMIFLON FEVE RT Logo (002).jpg

AGC Chemicals Americas


Booth Title: AGC Chemicals America

Booth Number: 206

Booth Description:
LUMIFLON FEVE Resins are high performance resins used for coatings requiring superior weatherability. This booth will provide a general overview of the chemistry and performance of FEVE resins. It will also showcase the various applications that utilize this technology. Brochures and technical bulletins will be available for attendees.

Website: www.agcchem.com

Booth Attendees:
Hongli Wang, AGC Senior Technical Development Engineer
Kristen Blankenship, Sales & Marketing Manager, LUMIFLON®

Hongli.Wang@us.agc.com, 610‐423‐4331
Kristen.Blankenship@us.agc.com , 215‐983‐2373

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