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Afcona Additives USA, Inc.


Afcona Additives USA, Inc.


Booth Title: Afcona Additives USA, Inc

Booth Number: 222

Booth Description:
AFCONA Additives is a global manufacturer and supplier of specialty additives to the paint and coatings industry. We pride ourselves in offering classleading technical service and can help you meet your formulating challenges with our broad range of defoamers, slip & leveling agents, and wetting and dispersing agents.

Website: www.afcona.com

Booth Attendees:
Breti Mock, Technology Manager
Stephen Uijtewaal , President

Breti.Mock@afcona.com, 330‐650‐0971
Stephan.Uijtewaal@afcona.com, 330‐650‐0971

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