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Donald T. Liles

Emulsions Development Group - Dow Corning Corporation

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Don joined Dow Corning Corporation as a chemist in 1974, after having completed an MS degree in organic chemistry from Georgia Tech and a BS degree in chemistry from North Georgia College.

During his 35+ year career, Don has worked in silicone resins, silicone elastomers, organosilicon intermediates and water-based silicone polymers. Don has been a key contributor to the science and technology of Dow Corning's silicone emulsion portfolio of products for a number of years, whereby he has also been associated with the development of numerous commercial products.

Besides actively generating technology, Don also has avidly shared his knowledge with others throughout his career. He frequently lectures both inside and outside of Dow Corning on emulsions, silicone emulsions and silicones in water-based coatings.

Don has published 12 scientific articles, a book chapter and he has also been granted 46 US patents.

Don is married and has two children. Outside of work, Don enjoys his family, skiing, backpacking, bicycle riding and boating.

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Title: The Role of silicones in Formulating Water-Based Coatings

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