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Daniel Mania

Development Chemist - Silicones Division - Wacker Chemical Corporation

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I have earned three BS Degrees, all from Eastern Michigan University; Biology (1993), Polymers & Coatings Technology (1998) and Mathematics (2005).  I am currently enrolled in a MS Program, Polymer Science and Engineering, at the University of Southern Mississippi (2014).  I spent six years with PRA Labs, four years with Bayer Material Science and the last eight years with Wacker Chemical Corporation.  The last four years have been in the Silicones Division, as a Development Chemist.  My primary experience is with formulation of construction chemicals, which includes architectural paint, tile adhesives, joint compounds, sealers, SLU's, EIF's and grouts.

Phone: (517) 264-8196
Website: www.wacker.com

Title: Polymer, Fiber and Filler Formulation Effects upon Ready-To-Use (RTU) GroutNew, Low VOC, Enhancing Polysiloxane Technology






With a range of over 3,000 silicone products, WACKER SILICONES ranks among the world’s largest manufacturers of silanes and silicones. We are also the market leader in key subsegments. Our product portfolio ranges from silanes through silicone fluids, emulsions, elastomers, sealants and resins to pyrogenic silicas. Thanks to their highly diverse properties, silicones offer virtually unlimited potential for intelligent, customized solutions in numerous sectors. Key application areas include engineering, electronics, chemicals, cosmetics, textiles and paper.




WACKER SILICONES’ wealth of products, experience and expertise enables us to offer you complete, customized solutions. Cooperating closely with customers, we develop new products and innovative production processes to help you cut costs and optimize your business. To this end, we provide lab support for product formulation and approval, and for scale-up to full production. We also assist you with the development of supply-chain and packaging strategies.