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Elizabeth Lowe

Functional Chemicals/Industrial Applications Lab - Clariant


Beth Lowe graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a BS in Chemistry.   

She joined Clariant after working 2 years in the electroplating industry.She has worked for the last 14 years in the Functional Chemicals / Industrial Applications Labin Clariant serving the Oilfield / Mining, Air-wing Deicing and Anti-icing, Construction, Paints & Coatings and Crop industries.

TitleNew Dispersing Options for Architectural Paints

About Paints & Coatings

With our long experience and broad product portfolio, we cover your requirements in each step of the value chain for the paints & coatings industry.

We supply specialties such as APEO-free emulsifiers and low VOC additives, ensuring the highest performance of your formulation.

It is our objective to deliver innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in your key application fields of emulsion polymerization, pigment preparation and paints & coatings manufacturing, in order to anticipate future regulations and to increase your competitiveness in the market.

Our R&D centers around the globe provide the necessary technical expertise to improve the time-to-market of your new developments, making Clariant your preferred partner.