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The Waterborne Symposium

Environmentally Friendly Coating Technologies

Mission Statement:

To administer the preeminent educational/technical forum in the United States directed to the science and technology of surface coatings and  to provide revenue to support and advance the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi.



APMT Open House for Waterborne Symposium...Booth #226

Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies, Inc. (APMT) develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the real-time monitoring and control of polymer reactions for the synthetic and natural polymer industries. APMT's proprietary technology and patented, tailored online monitoring solutions allow polymer producers to optimize their manufacturing processes by increasing product quality, yield and overall process efficiency.

APMT also has a light scattering based system that continuously monitors stability (e.g. degradation) of polymer solutions and formulations given stressor conditions such as temperature and shear.

About APMT Open House

APMT, a high-tech startup headquartered in New Orleans, is very excited to participate in the Waterborne Symposium. The Science and Technology are important areas for APMT. As part of the Waterborne Symposium program, the company is inviting symposium attendees to visit their facility a few miles away from the primary location. The APMT Open House will include an exclusive facility tour and live product demonstrations exhibiting how APMT delivers valuable data for polymer and biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Guests will have the opportunity to speak with APMT's CEO, CTO, CSO and engineers regarding applications in particular chemistries, the vision for the company and its products, and other personal areas of interest.

Attendance will be capped at 40 people and is first come first served. Please register using the link below. A chartered bus will pick up guests from the New Orleans Marriott Hotel on Tuesday, February 21 at 2 p.m. The facility tour will take place from 2:30-3:30, and the bus will return guests back to the hotel by 4 p.m. For more information, please contact Matt Willard at matt.willard@apmtinc.com or (504) 235-1009. www.apmtinc.com