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The Waterborne Symposium

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Wolfgang Geuking - Highly Effective Emulsifier for Low to Zero VOC Epoxy Emulsions

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Wolfgang Geuking - Highly Effective Emulsifier for Low to Zero VOC Epoxy Emulsions


Wolfgang Geuking
Technology Development Manager
Croda Inc.
954 298 5540
Co-authors: Steven Chan, Nathan Noyes


Wolfgang Geuking is Technology Development Manager for Croda Inc., coatings and polymers division, New Castle, Delaware. Prior to that he has spent 15 years working in various technical customer support roles covering Europe and Latin America. Before that, Wolfgang worked on the development and application of heterogeneous hydrogenation catalysts for 16 years at what is now Johnson Matthey Catalysts
Studied organic chemistry at University of Applied Sciences, Münster Germany.


Formulation and application of water-based epoxy coating systems can be costly and complex. Available water borne epoxy emulsions don’t leave much room for formulation latitude, are tedious to make or lack storage stability. Newly developed polymeric emulsifiers facilitate creating water-based epoxy emulsions with increased shelf-life. The efficacy of these versatile epoxy resin emulsifier will be demonstrated with liquid, solid, and solid-liquid blend epoxy resins.  No negative effects in chemical or water resistance were seen versus common water borne epoxy coating formulations.  This study evaluates different ways to create such emulsions in relatively simple pieces of equipment.

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