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Horst M. Sulzbach: Design and Properties of a New Easy-to-clean Additive for Epoxy Top Coats

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Horst M. Sulzbach: Design and Properties of a New Easy-to-clean Additive for Epoxy Top Coats


Horst M. Sulzbach
Chief Technology Officer
BYK Chemie GmbH
+49 281 670 23000
Co-authors: Dr. Majdi Al-Masri, Dr. Guillaume W. Jaunky


Horst Sulzbach is Global Chief Technology Officer of BYK and Head of R&D of BYK-Chemie GmbH. Horst holds a PhD in Chemistry and an MBA and has worked in the field of plastics and coating additives for BYK, Henkel, Cognis and Reagens. He joined ALTANA in 2007. Prior to his current assignment he was CTO for the ELANTAS Division. As Chief Technology Officer of BYK he is responsible for the alignment of the global R&D strategy with BYK’s business strategy, the management of the global project portfolio, regulatory affairs and the analytics department.


Epoxy coatings show excellent adhesion and superior chemical and mechanical properties. They are often chosen where no or little UV exposure is prevalent such as the inside of containers, tunnels or pipes. For all applications where clean surfaces are a must, either for hygienic or for esthetic reasons, easy-to-clean properties are desired.

We have developed a silicon-based additive that not only improves surface aesthetics such as gloss and leveling, but also creates an easy-to-clean effect. This is achieved through a combination of hydrophobic/oleophobic groups and reactive anchor groups that covalently bond with the epoxy matrix. This prevents leaching out of the additive and ensures a long lasting performance. The general structural design of this new and patented technology is elaborated. The properties that are achieved with this type of additive are compared to the previous industry standard.

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