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Stuart Lipskin - Eliminating the Mystery to Developing Quality Waterborne Coatings

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Stuart Lipskin - Eliminating the Mystery to Developing Quality Waterborne Coatings


Stuart Lipskin
Key Account Manager
BYK Additives and Instruments

Phone: 203-678-7112

Website: www.byk.com


Due to environmental regulations waterborne coatings are now a major segment of the coatings industry. Water presents numerous challenges for the formulator due to its high surface tension.

Formulating issues typically encountered are:

-Substrate wetting

-Stable pigment dispersion

-Proper rheology

-Surface defects

-Defoaming and air release

However if the issues aren’t resolved in the proper order the result can be a poor quality product. By following a prescribed step-by-step method of screening additives in the development of the formula a number of problems can be resolved in an orderly manner.

In this presentation topics to be discussed are the order of evaluation and addition for surface additives, pigment dispersing aids, rheological products and defoamers to provide the formulator with the best waterborne coating.

Various issues / defects will be covered as to why they develop and how to eliminate them along with screening test procedures to improve overall quality.


Stuart Lipskin graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in Science and a M.B.A. He began his career at the Rohm & Haas, Springhouse, PA laboratories in 1973 and has worked for Air Products and McWhorter in marketing and sales positions. Since 1981, he has been with BYK USA as a Technical Sales Representative then a Regional Sales Manager. He is now the Key Account Manager working with raw material suppliers developing partnerships for growth. He also provides technical sales support to some of the BYK USA distributors. Stuart is the past president of the Philadelphia Paint & Coatings Association.He is also a long-term member of the Philadelphia and New York paint societies.

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