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Stuart Lipskin - Additive Innovations – Technologies that Deliver Added Value


Stuart Lipskin - Additive Innovations – Technologies that Deliver Added Value


Stuart Lipskin

Key Account Manager


Phone: 203-687-7112

Website: www.byk.com



Additives are integral ingredients for quality coatings formulating.
To keep pace with the ever changing technology in the coatings market innovation is a key to success.
The presentation will review principles of innovation and look at historical to current day technology innovations that were developed to meet the needs of the coatings market.

Additive innovations to be discussed are:

Pigment wetting / dispersing additives: new technologies to improve quality and stability of organic pigment dispersions plus advances for water, solvent and epoxy systems

Surface additives: modification of silicone technology for compatibility, recoatability, intercoat adhesion, substrate wetting, plus nano technology developments

Defoaming and air release additives: developments to eliminate microfoam



Stuart Lipskin is a Graduate of Temple University with Bachelors Degree in the Sciences and a MBA.
Started career at Rohm & Haas labs in Spring House, PA. Marketing position with Air Products & Chemicals. Technical sales with McWhorter.
Since 1981 with BYK USA in technical sales, sales management and technical support.
Past President of Philadelphia PCA. Long time member of Philadelphia and New York coatings associations.

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