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Steve Wilkowski - Reactive Silicone Emulsions and their Properties

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Steve Wilkowski - Reactive Silicone Emulsions and their Properties


Steve Wilkowski
Account Manager
Siltech Corporation
Website: www.siltech.com
Phone: 989-430-0711
Co-authors: Tom Seung-Tung Cheung, Bob Ruckle



A series of reactive water-based silicone emulsions are evaluated in coating systems. These emulsions can perform as coatings themselves, but are more typically effective as additives in other water-borne systems.

Improvements in a wide range of performance properties, such as mar, slip, stain resistance and flexibility are achieved with these emulsions. Simple post addition can be utilized in other waterborne coating systems such as PUDs and Acrylic Latex systems.



Steve Wilkowski has worked within the Material Science Industry for over 25 years in a variety of research, development and commercial roles at Siltech Corporation, Dow Corning and Evonik Industries. He has recently been involved in projects related to sales development, global strategic marketing and front-end portfolio management.
Steve has developed intellectual property and published numerous papers and articles related to the use of silicone materials for a wide variety of applications and industries. He has written articles on the synthesis and applications of silicone surfactants, asymmetrically substituted polysiloxanes and silane antimicrobials.
Steve holds degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Saginaw Valley State University and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He has also completed executive education at The University of Chicago School of Business and The University of Chicago Medical Center.
With a passion for Nature Conservation, Steve actively works with local and national organizations such as Little Forks Conservancy and Trout Unlimited. He resides with his wife and three children in Midland, Michigan.

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