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Shiying Zheng - Fast Return-to-service 2.0: A New Solution for One-day Floor Systems

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Shiying Zheng picture.jpg

Shiying Zheng - Fast Return-to-service 2.0: A New Solution for One-day Floor Systems


Shiying Zheng

Research Associate

Evonik Corporation

Phone: 610-481-3027

Website: www.evonik.com

Co-Authors: Nergiz Bozok, Robert Rasing




Environmental regulations and end-user demand have driven the paint and coating industry to focus on reducing VOC while maintaining excellent coating performance.  Other major drivers include the need for improved cost and coating robustness and better aesthetics over the service life.  Two component epoxy systems provide excellent adhesion and chemical resistance and have been widely used in floor coatings.  Waterborne epoxy coatings have gained wide acceptance as environmentally friendly alternatives to solvent borne and solvent free epoxy systems due to their low VOC and potential to meet stringent emission requirements.   
This paper will highlight the development of new a waterborne epoxy curing agent that provides excellent fast cure speed even under adverse condition such as low temperature and high humidity, superior adhesion to substrate when used as a primer, particularly on damp concrete, and excellent aesthetics as a topcoat.  The product enables coating formulators to design new floor systems consisting of a primer and topcoat applied on the same day, and that delivers walk-on readiness the next morning.  The paper will discuss model formulations based on the new curing agent, typical properties and applications.




Dr. Shiying Zheng is a research associate at Crosslinkers business line of Evonik Corporation in Allentown, PA.  Her current primary focus is developing new epoxy curing agents and aqueous epoxy resin dispersions for coating applications.  Dr. Zheng brings extensive industrial R&D experience in specialty materials for a wide range of applications, including polymer gas separation membranes, thermo-activatable polymers for digital printing, hybrid nanoparticles for medical imaging, polymers for organic light emitting diodes, polyurethane adhesive for electronic display, and polymers for personal care application.  

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