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Romesh Kumar - Architectural Coatings - Durability, High Chroma & High Opacity Challenges

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Romesh Kumar - Architectural Coatings - Durability, High Chroma & High Opacity Challenges


Romesh Kumar
Sr. Technical Sales Manager – North America
Clariant Plastics & Coatings USA Inc.
4000 Monroe Road, Charlotte NC 28205

Phone: (704) 905-3154

Website: www.pigments.clariant.com 


Architectural coatings, or in other words paints applied to residential & commercial buildings, and to articles used in these structures such as window frames, metal roofs, stains on wooden decks, and cool coatings for concrete, present a host of challenges when it comes to selection of optimum colorants (pigments & dispersions).  Coatings for interiors (walls etc.) must have very good scrub resistance (for point-of-sale colorants) but not high color fastness, whereas those for exterior applications must have excellent resistance to fading and scrub resistance, while metamerism is not a major challenge.  Architectural powder coatings are generally of high chroma, and must meet 5-10 year AAMA specifications, and pigment opacity, bright shade, and resistance to color change are key requirements.  For wood stains, transparency and color fastness are critical.  Roof – coil & cool coated – panels require long lasting and cool (IR reflective) paints, and require unique set of colorants.  In some cases, high opacity is an issue while efflorescence resistance is very important among others.  This presentation will focus on challenges and solutions to arrive at optimum formulations for color permanency, opacity, and other key parameters.    


Romesh Kumar is a Senior Technical Sales Manager - North America at Clariant Corporation for pigments business. He specializes in colorants for coatings, color measurement and other related applications.
He attended Laurentian University (Sudbury, Ontario), and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy NY). He is a member of the Inter Society Color Council, and American Coatings Association. He has made several presentations about pigment
applications and color measurement at bothnational and international meetings during his over 33 years in the coatings industry.

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