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Romesh Kumar - Pigments & Metamerism: Challenges & Solutions


Romesh Kumar - Pigments & Metamerism: Challenges & Solutions


Romesh Kumar
Sr. Technical Sales Manager – North America
Clariant Plastics & Coatings USA Inc.
4000 Monroe Road, Charlotte NC 28205

Phone: (704) 905-3154

Website: www.pigments.clariant.com 


Metamerism is often called a paint formulator’s nightmare. However with the help of spectrophotometric measurements of the standard & the match, and knowledge of limitations of pigments and resin system, it can be understood and resolved to arrive at an acceptable formulation. Otherwise, many trials and money is wasted without a successful conclusion.

Color standard, resin system, optimum pigments and application procedure are key to a viable color match. Each component in this puzzle must be defined and understood to arrive at a non-metameric match. Even then, there are instances that metamerism cannot be avoided. An understanding of the limitations of overall system, and proper communication between supplier and user are the main parameters to resolve this problem.

In this presentation, establishing the proper standard, and selection of optimum pigments to match it will be discussed. Use of spectrophotometric data to detect metamerism between standard and match will also be elaborated.   


Romesh Kumar is a Senior Technical Sales Manager - North America at Clariant Corporation for pigments business. He specializes in colorants for coatings, color measurement and other related applications.
He attended Laurentian University (Sudbury, Ontario), and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy NY). He is a member of the Inter Society Color Council, and American Coatings Association. He has made several presentations about pigment
applications and color measurement at bothnational and international meetings during his over 33 years in the coatings industry.

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