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Rolf Güller - Gamification of Coatings R&D

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Photo Rolf Gueller.jpg

Rolf Güller - Gamification of Coatings R&D


Rolf Güller
Chemspeed Technologies AG, Switzerland
+41 61 816 95 00

Website: http://www.chemspeed.com


The coatings industry faces the increased demand for functionalized and innovative coatings combined with faster time-to-market.
Gamification of R&D represents a paradigm shift in coatings development. Virtually unrestricted combination of sequential and parallel processing (Object Oriented Workflow Design) combined with decision making functions enable automation of intelligent workflows for a tremendous increase in efficiency, flexibility, diversity, standardization and speed in the entire formulation, application and testing process!
Based on this concept, selected case studies of high throughput and high output formulation, application and testing of waterborne and low VOC products will be presented, including:
- Sample preparation at different stages of product development, such as formulation of pigment paste, preparation of final paint, including handling of (viscous) liquids and powders, pigment dispersion with glass beads and subsequent high efficient filtration, pH and viscosity adjustment.
- Paint application: draw down, airborne spray coating, spin coating with subsequent RT, heat or UV curing
- Product characterization and testing, including rheology / viscosity, stability, color, haze/gloss, layer thickness, wash-ability, scrub test, tack test, etc.


Rolf Gueller, Ph.D serves as Chief Executive Officer of Chemspeed Technologies AG. Dr. Gueller served as a Medicinal Chemist at Roche. Dr. Gueller realized the need for parallel synthesis and developed the synthesizer. In 1997 Dr. Gueller founded Chemspeed and established two subsidiaries in USA and UK. He was employed at Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd. in Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Gueller graduated from the ETH in Zürich and completed his post-doc at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla.

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