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Michael R. Bonner - Leveraging Temperature to Control Modern Coating Dispensing Operations

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Michael R. Bonner - Leveraging Temperature to Control Modern Coating Dispensing Operations


Michael R. Bonner
Vice President - Engineering & Technology
Saint Clair Systems, Inc.
+1 (586) 255-2889



Michael Bonner is the Vice President of Engineering & Technology for Saint Clair Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of process temperature control equipment for industrial fluid dispensing systems.  A degreed electrical engineer, over the years he has spent time in a wide variety of industries including audio systems, medical equipment, HVAC and appliance controls, metal stamping, even the manufacture of gasoline pumps.  For the last 20 years he has focused his attention on the science of point-of-use temperature and viscosity control in fluid dispensing processes.


Successfully coating a product requires a delicate balance between the formulation of the coating and the process through which it is applied.  In fact, the most carefully crafted coating formulation can be rendered totally ineffective by uncontrolled variables in the application process.  One of the most critical, and surprisingly least understood, of these is temperature.

In this presentation, we examine the effect of temperature variations at the point of application on the performance of various coating formulations.  Contrasting waterborne, 100% solids and solventborne varieties, we begin with the intractable relationship between viscosity and temperature and explore how variations in this seemingly simple relationship can have a far-reaching and sometimes insurmountable impact on the performance of the coating system.

We then apply these concepts, exploring the similarities and differences between spray and roll applications, two of the most common, and how variations in temperature can result in unforeseen consequences that can derail an otherwise sound coating plan.

This logically culminates in both a discussion of methods for controlling the temperature variable in modern coating applications and of the paradigms and myths associated with the notion of exercising control over this most common and misunderstood process parameter.


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