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Matthew Gadman - Formulating Waterborne Industrial Coatings with Water Soluble Urethane Diols

Speaker Photo- Matthew J. Gadman.jpg
Speaker Photo- Matthew J. Gadman.jpg

Matthew Gadman - Formulating Waterborne Industrial Coatings with Water Soluble Urethane Diols


Matthew J. Gadman

Coatings Technical Service Chemist

King Industries Inc.

Phone: 781-640-8866

Website: www.kingindustries.com

Co-Authors: John Florio, Ravi Ravichandran 




Unique water soluble urethane diol resins have been developed for coatings systems crosslinked with aminoplast resins. These urethane diols are a highly versatile chemical species with many potential benefits for waterborne industrial coatings. They are water soluble, but do not contain neutralizing amines, surfactants or co-solvents. As resin modifiers, the hydroxyl functionality and urethane backbone of these resins allow formulators to enhance performance of aminoplast crosslinked coatings by incorporating urethane groups into the backbone of the cured polymer matrix. 

Incorporating these water soluble urethane diols will inherently reduce the need for neutralizing amines, and allow for easier resin incorporation with less co-solvent requirements. However, formulation optimization is required to achieve the full benefits offered when incorporating these urethane diol resins. Therefore, an understanding of the crosslinking capabilities with different aminoplast resins, as well as the fundamentals of formulating with a modifier resin is required. 

This work establishes optimal urethane diol-to-crosslinker ratios, and demonstrates formulating methods that permit for a highly crosslinked film with features such as improved corrosion and humidity resistance, as well as higher hardness while maintaining flexibility. Furthermore, differences in primary versus secondary hydroxyl functionality are discussed, with a focus on varying reactivity and subsequent effect on melamine self-condensation.




Matthew J. Gadman is a Technical Service Chemist for King Industries Inc. located in Norwalk, Connecticut.  He has a wide-range of experience with specialty chemicals for coatings applications, inclusive of but not limited to acid and organometallic catalysts, polyol resin modifiers, and rheology additives. One of Matthew’s major contributions at King Industries has been his work on polyol resin modifiers for waterborne applications, a topic in which he has authored a technical publication for.  Matthew first began working as a Coatings Chemist after completing his undergraduate education in 2015 at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut, where he received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry with a focus in biochemistry. 

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