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Mary Redmond - Formulation Optimization Pathway for Low VOC Paints and Coatings


Mary Redmond - Formulation Optimization Pathway for Low VOC Paints and Coatings


Mary Redmond
Senior Applications Specialist
ANGUS Chemical Company

Address1500 E. Lake Cook Road | Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 USA
Phone: +1 847 808 3746
Website: www.angus.com


Paint companies face many challenges trying to balance improved performance versus consumer and regulatory demands, such as lower VOC’s.  While the industry has seen many binders and additives introduced which support these initiatives, few have demonstrated the impact upon the life cycle of a coating the way neutralizing amines can: from manufacture to in-can to application and finally to dry film performance.

Architectural and industrial coatings based on latex resins are typically formulated above a neutral pH for extended stability.  Various inorganic bases and organic amines are typically used for this purpose.  In some instances, these neutralizing additives can play a multi-functional role and positively impact other properties of the paint formulation.


This paper will explore different bases and amines used for formulating architectural and industrial paints and their impact across the life cycle of a paint.  Properties studied include dispersion, stability, performance properties, application and appearance.


Mary Redmond is a Senior Customer Applications Specialist for ANGUS Chemical Company, based in Buffalo Grove, IL. Mary provides technical support for ANGUS products into paints & coatings in North America and confers regularly with Global Tech Centers overseas. Since 1989, she has served in various R&D and technical service roles at other paint companies as well as having experience from a raw material vantage. Mary holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, specializing in Polymer Science from Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Il and belongs to the Chicago Society for Coatings Technology.

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