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 Mengfei Huang - Novel Waterborne Dispersions using Methylidene Malonate Chemistries

Mengfei Huang--Umass Amherst.jpeg
Mengfei Huang--Umass Amherst.jpeg

 Mengfei Huang - Novel Waterborne Dispersions using Methylidene Malonate Chemistries


Mengfei Huang

Ph.D. Canidate

Sirrus Inc. and University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Phone: 513-453-2413

Co-Authors: Aniruddha Palsule, Jeffrey Sullivan, Alexander Holzer , Jessica Schiffman, John Klier



Methylidene malonate monomers represent a recently scaled family of vinyl functional monomers that undergo
polymerization via anionic or free radical mechanisms. We have explored the performance of methylidene malonate
monomers in producing water‐based polymer dispersions via aqueous emulsion, dispersion and suspension
polymerization. We have discovered that polymerization is facile, readily achieved using common initiators and
commercially relevant conditions and provides several unique attributes including novel and simplified polymerization
conditions, unique polymer architectures, unique particle morphologies and novel crosslinking mechanisms. This paper
will present early stage results illustrating some of these key features, focusing on novel crosslinking latex systems, and
setting the stage for broader exploitation of this unique and valuable new monomer class.



Beijing University of Chemical Technology, BS, Polymer Science and Engineering, 2012-2016

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, PhD candidate, Chemical Engineering, 2016-present

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