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Kyle Flack - Driving Performance via Permanent Coalescent Choice in Low-VOC Architectural Paints

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Kyle Flack - Driving Performance via Permanent Coalescent Choice in Low-VOC Architectural Paints


Kyle Flack
Product Development Scientist
BASF Corporation
Co-authors: John Mangano, Nicholas Foley, Lisa Kicklighter, Tyrone Vaughn


Dr. Kyle Flack is a Product Development Scientist within the Formulation Additives group at BASF Corporation. His focus includes defoamer, coalescent, wetting agent and dispersant development. Prior to his role in product development, he worked in the architectural coatings technical service group as a chemist. His background includes polymer and small molecule synthesis for coatings and carbon dioxide capture materials.


Regulations of architectural coatings have driven volatile organic content (VOCs) to 50 g/L and below. With the desire to have paints that stand up to more challenging demands on durability and hardness, while also complying with VOC targets, the need for non-volatile coalescing agents has become increasingly important. We have demonstrated the need for differentiating coalescing agents, based on specific formulation and latex technologies. Through understanding of the factors affecting coalescence and study of different chemistries, we have identified a unique material which provides both more efficient coalescence compared to industry benchmarks and improved stain resistance. 

Contact: (704)-587-2594


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