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Ken Milam - Performance Comparison of Novel 2K Waterborne Fluoro-Urethane and Solventborne Fluoro-Coatings

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Ken Milam - Performance Comparison of Novel 2K Waterborne Fluoro-Urethane and Solventborne Fluoro-Coatings


Ken Milam
Innovation Team Business Development Representative
Daikin America
Co-authors: Ken Milam, Young Cho, Brady Pitts, Katsuhiko Imoto, Koichiro Ogita, Takuji Ishikawa


Ken Milam has a masters in Polymer Science from The University of Akron and a bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. He has been working in weatherable high performance coatings for 6 years.

Daikin Industries is the world's foremost manufacturer of Fluorochemical products and a leading innovator in the field. Our strengths include a global line-up that leads the world with 1,800 product types along with comprehensive technical services.


Daikin and other suppliers have sold solventborne fluorourethane polymers into the coatings market for over 25 years. These polymers perform better than their non-fluorinated entities, for key properties such as gloss retention, weatherability and resistance to highly corrosive chemicals and strong solvents. However, many of the formulated paints with these resins exceed the VOC regulations in most regions of the world.

Although low-VOC solventborne products have been made, the market has expressed interest in moving towards waterborne 2K or 1K systems assuming the coating is capable of achieving the same performance as the solventborne resins.

In this article we discuss a new family of waterborne fluorinated urethane resins developed by Daikin Industries Limited in Japan, which, in initial testing, perform as well as incumbent 2K solventborne systems based on a fluorinated polyol and polyisocyanates. This new chemistry is a 2K waterborne resin designed to be utilized to formulate industrial coatings for bridges, O&G, oil platforms, etc. to under 100g/L VOC. The study compares the performance of the waterborne resin vs. a highly-characterized 2K solventborne system which has been utilized commercially for over 25 years, as well as other competitive chemistries and a non-crosslinked commercial waterborne Daikin resin.

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