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Jeff Burger - What's Behind the Label

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Jeff Burger - What's Behind the Label


Jeff Burger

Consultant/Business Development

Synthetic Advancement, LLC

Phone: 601-620-8182

Website: www.syntheicadvancement.com



The changes to the coating industry have been brought about by a desire to reduce the toxicity of the product and improve the environment while applying the paint.  At the same time, there performance level must remain unchanged and transparent to the customer.  The removal of certain additives from waterborne or water-based interior paint has been an expensive but fruitful developmental effort.  The new products have virtually no harmful components otherwise known as VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).  In turn, the coating products can tout a new eco-label that should add value to the customer and the company.
The goal of this research was to determine if the addition of eco-labeling to a water-based paint product improves customer satisfaction.   In addition, the research takes into account the traditional labels, brand association and a customer’s comprehension of the information. A linear model was constructed out of the following four constructs: eco-labeling, personal exposure, brand association and comprehension.  While all four independent variables were able to develop a significant linear relationship to customer satisfaction, only the personal exposure variable was significant to the equation.
The recommendation is to utilize the current labeling system that includes terms such as ‘child friendly’ and ‘low skin irritation’ to convey these benefits to the customer.  However, the eco-labeling system will continue to grow and needs to be incorporated onto the labels.  Utilizing this in a business strategy, the promotional effort should emphasize the new benefits of the eco-labeling system if desired.  Any promotional positioning of the paint product using eco-labels may increase the brand awareness and comprehension of the new products.



Jeff Burger is a business professional with over 20 years of product development experience primarily in the coatings marketplace
New product development and product line extensions include waterborne acylic latexes, polyurethane dispersions, high solids, aminoplasts, UV oligomers, with the Valspar Corporation and Akzo Nobel Resins
Undergraduate in Polymer Science from The University of Southern Mississippi
Master's in Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi

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