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The Waterborne Symposium

Environmentally Friendly Coating Technologies

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To administer the preeminent educational/technical forum in the United States directed to the science and technology of surface coatings and  to provide revenue to support and advance the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi.


Hongli Wang - Value Added FEVE Formulations for High Performance Powder Coatings

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Hongli Wang - Value Added FEVE Formulations for High Performance Powder Coatings


Hongli Wang
Technical Development Engineer
AGC Chemicals Americas
Co-authors: Shun Saitoh, Kristen Blankenship, Robert Parker


Dr. Hongli Wang started her current job at AGC Chemicals Americas in March 2016. She is supporting the Lumiflon® powder coatings.  Dr. Wang has been working in the powder coating industry for several years, mostly through her previous job at DuPont. Dr. Wang has a Ph.D. in applied physics and a MBA in marketing and international business.


Fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resin is the only curable and powder coating process friendly fluoropolymer which can pass AAMA 2605 (the highest standard for organic coatings on architectural aluminum extrusions and panels by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association). Coatings based on FEVE resin provide superior weatherability, corrosion and chemical resistance due to resin’s unique chemistry.  Our new powder coating technology has been focused on creating customer values through new formulation development. This presentation will focus on low cost FEVE/polyester blending technology:  a coating blends of 30% FEVE resin and 70% superdurable polyester can be stratified into two distinct layers with FEVE clear coating on the surface as a protective layer. Metallic pigments can be incorporated in the FEVE/polyester blends and form a unique structure with metallic flakes staying in the interface of FEVE and polyester. The blends can meet the requirements of AAMA 2605. New formulations with improved coating flexibility and surface quality will be discussed.

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