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David Pierre: New Waterborne Siloxane-based Coating to Reach Thermal Insulation

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David Pierre: New Waterborne Siloxane-based Coating to Reach Thermal Insulation


Speaker: David Pierre
Coatings Technical Service Professional
Dow Corning Corporation
+32 64 88 88 05


The use of silicon-based materials in industrial markets has and continues to evolve from niche utility to being viewed as premium technology for high-performance coatings. Silicone materials can offer improved resistance to temperature, moisture, corrosion, electrical discharge, and weathering when compared to organic-based coatings.  Considering common trends in the Coatings world today such as lower VOC, lower HAPs (in US), and lower energy consumption, waterbased technology is a viable solution for industrial coatings. There has also been an increasing need to offer new thermal insulation solutions to withstand temperatures ≥150°C continuous exposure without degradation of the coating. Organic-based materials have thermal limitations, whereas siloxane-based materials show greater thermal resistance properties, due to the higher Si-O bond energy, when compared to the C-C and C-O bonds.  The elastomeric character of new silicon based binders allows the application of (very) thick films, reducing the mud cracking effect and improving thermal resistance properties.  This paint approach opens the door to easy insulation, softer (application) process, and broader protection to any pipe in a chemical plant.  Application data on thermal insulation, temperature resistance, and weathering have demonstrated the potential utility of the new waterbased technology in thermal insulation coatings. 

Speaker Bio

David PIERRE earned his Ph.D. in polymer chemistry from Brussels University in 1999.
After 1 year in photovoltaic cells production during 1998 and 1999, he moved to Sigma Coatings group (now PPG) to synthesize new polyesters and polyurethanes polymers dedicated to be used as binders in industrial paints (coil coating).
In 2009, he moved to develop new coatings and enamels for decorative glass at AGC Glass company (former Glaverbel).
Since 2011 with Dow Corning, after a short period in the Composites group for improved Fire resistance thermoplastics, David works for the Coatings group, with a focus on siloxanes resins and development of new materials for a variety of paint applications.
He’s currently developing materials for high temperature resistance and waterbased binders for every kinds of coatings.

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