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Gary T. Balint - As Red as Red Can Be

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Gary T. Balint - As Red as Red Can Be


Gary T. Balint
Technical Service Manager
LANXESS Corporation
Address: 8 Morgan Road, Burgettstown, PA 15021

Phone: 412-809-4735
Website: www.lanxess.com

From early 2016, LANXESS will set a new standard for the production of bright, yellow-shade red iron oxides using an advanced Penniman process that will be known as the Ningbo process. Using unique methods for the treatment of all potentially toxic environmental waste streams and waste gases this novel process will also include downstream catalytic conversion of laughing gas. LANXESS has proven that the conventional Penniman reaction process gives rise to the formation of significant amounts of laughing gas and have developed a process by which a reduction of over 70% CO2 equivalents can be achieved, relative to conventional Penniman red producers. 

Furthermore, the innovative new LANXESS Ningbo process is able to produce red iron oxide pigments with the highest chromacity ever. This is achieved by targeting the maximum possible percentage of uniform particles within a tightly controlled particle size distribution.  A downstream milling process increases the number of primary particles significantly and further improves the dispersibility of the product. The resulting pigments exhibit almost Newtonian flow characteristics even in highly loaded pigment concentrates which makes them of particular interest to producers of liquid colorants.

Gary Balint is the Technical Service Manager for Inorganic Pigments for Paints and Coatings at LANXESS Corporation.  Gary has over 30 years of experience, with increasing levels of responsibility.  During that time, he worked with Polyurethane Coatings, Organic Pigments, and Inorganic Pigments.  Gary is a Past President of the Pittsburgh Society for Coatings Technology.  He holds a B. S. degree from Robert Morris University.

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