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David Pasin - Formulating for New Era

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David Pasin - Formulating for New Era


David Pasin


TBF Environmental Technology

Phone: 604-805-8681

Website: www.tbfenvironmental.com



Formulating for a New Era - Using Innovative VOC Compliant Solvents to Decrease VOC Content in Coatings and Improve Occupational Health and Safety and an Introduction to New VOC Exempt Replacement for Glycol Ethers and Film Forming Coalescent

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss and detail advances in VOC compliant solvents. The presentation will outline a variety of new VOC compliant solvents, their efficacy, how they may perform and where they may be used in paints and coatings formulation applications. The presentation will also discuss formulating to lower the VOCs of standard solvent based formulations and the effect of these new solvents on the coatings. The presentation will also discuss the development of new VOC Exempt low toxicity replacement for a variety of Glycol Ethers and a film forming coalescent and their efficacy in lowering VOC in waterborne
4 Learning Objectives
i) Solvent options available for low VOC formulation
ii) Using VOC compliant solvents effectively
iii) New VOC solvents to replace glycol ethers and film forming coalescents
Keywords: VOC, VOC reduction, VOC exempt coalescent, solvents. VOC exempt, glycol ether replacements



David Pasin is founder and CTO of TBF Environmental Technology. Dave holds 3 patents and has been instrumental in the design of VOC exempt and VOC compliant solvents used to replace toxic solvents used in a wide variety of applications in industries such as paint and coatings, adhesives, inks, automotive and aerospace. He is very active in his community, serving as President of his Community Center and local Lions Club and participates in various amateur sports, coaches football and serves on the Board of the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service. 

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