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Dave A. Pasin - Green Solvents – Replacing Dirty & Toxic with Clean & Green

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Dave A. Pasin - Green Solvents – Replacing Dirty & Toxic with Clean & Green


Dave A. Pasin
TBF Environmental Technology Inc.
+1 604 580 1575


Mr. Pasin founded InTech Environmental Canada Corp in 2004 to compete and distribute green, benzene free, solvents for the parts-washing business. In 2010, InTech developed its own eco-friendly, green solvents for parts washing. In 2011, at the request of a customer, InTech began development of a VOC exempt replacement for Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) which took over 2.5 years to develop. The ground breaking research and development led Mr. Pasin and his team to also develop safe, effective, VOC exempt alternatives for Xylene, Toluene, Acetone and Styrene. Mr. Pasin has been instrumental in the design of new groundbreaking green solvents that are rapidly becoming the standard across many industries. Prior to InTech, Mr. Pasin was President of a progressive paint, coating and wood treatment product manufacturing company for many years. While operating his paint manufacturing company Mr. Pasin recognized the need for improved technologies that improved safety for workers and end users and lessened environmental impact. Mr. Pasin is very active in his community, participating in various amateur sports, coaches football and is involved in many community and service organizations such as Lions International.


Green Solvents – Replacing Dirty & Toxic with Clean & Green

The purpose of this paper is to review new MIR & VOC regulations in various jurisdictions within the United States and how the use of green solvents will help manufacturers meet them. It also looks at what constitutes a Green Solvent, the differences between what are classed as Green Solvents , their safety and use in a variety of applications which range from formulation, surface preparation and cleaning. The paper will examine the short and long term effects of the new regulations, the effect of typical solvents on the the health of the worker and the environment and how green solvents solve many issues for manufacturers. The use of Green Solvents will also the company to reduce it regulatory burdens, improve regulatory compliance, improve its public relations and sales and improve productivity through reducing workplace exposure and injuries related to exposure to toxic solvents.
4 Learning Objectives
i) understanding how new regulations effect manufacturers
ii) What is a green solvent
iii) Using Green Solvents effectively
iv) How green Solvents can be profitable

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