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Thomas Walther Schmidt - Haptic Coatings - a New Selective Additive 3D Coating Technology

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Thomas Walther Schmidt - Haptic Coatings - a New Selective Additive 3D Coating Technology


Thomas Walther Schmidt
Director Innovation & Creation
+86 13615934792


1967 born in Wuerzburg, Germany
1987 Abitur, Gymnasium Scheinfeld
1995 Diplom Chemistry/Material Science at University of Wuerzburg
1998 PhD in Nanotechnology/Material Science at University of Wuerzburg
1999-2001 HSE Manager adidas-Salomon
2002-2014 R&D and New Business Development at TIGER Coatings
since 2014 Director Innovation & Creation at Huafeng


A new selective addtive 3D coating technology was developed and implemented in mass production. Beside attractive visual design opportunities, a strong focus is put on the Haptic experience of final products. Haptic perceptions can be controlled by application of selective multi-layer 3D textures, by the shape and thickness of these 3D textures and by the coating formulation itself. The coating formulation can be fine tuned achieving soft-touch nubuck-like effects, smooth slippery or sticky effects or rough sandpaper-like effects. In combination with attractive colors such as metallic, color shifting or thermochromic colors and finishes with controlled matte or glossy surfaces a huge freedom of design is created.
Today Haptic coatings are applied on textile substrates for the sporting goods industry. The Haptic coatings are very robust and only use safe environmentally friendly chemistry. They fulfill all mechanical requirements for application on sneakers and sports apparel. In addition full compliance to the strictest RSL and MRSL can be achieved.
With the selective additive coating approach highest material efficiency can be achieved. This revolutionary approach to sneaker manufacturing improves the sustainabilty and the environmental footprint of the supply chain for sports footwear and garments. There is no more cutting waste and material is only applied where needed. Huafeng as a T2 supplier moved into a new business model of component manufacturing with Haptic coatings. Component manufacturing allows a lean manufacturing chain, full accountability on quality and more flexibility in the supply chain.

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