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Oleg Figovsky - Organic Water Soluble Silicates for the Protective Coatings Manufacture

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Oleg Figovsky - Organic Water Soluble Silicates for the Protective Coatings Manufacture


Oleg Figovsky
Polymate Ltd - Israel Research Center
+972 (4) 6042174


Prof. Oleg Figovsky is the founder and R&D the Polymate Ltd. - International Nanotechnology Research Centre where he is working on research in nanostructured corrosion-resistant composite materials and protective coatings based on a polymer and silicate matrix. Novel nanotechnologies invented by Prof. O. Figovsky were the basis for establishing industrial production in the US, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia and Israel. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Head of the UNESCO Chair "Green Chemistry". For his inventions in nanotechnologies he was awarded gold and silver medals at IENA-98 and Gold Angel Prize at the Genius 2006 exhibition. Prof. Oleg Figovsky has authored 22 books, more than 600 scientific articles and 520 patents.


The work describes the properties of soluble, organic silicates and their applications to obtaining nanocomposite materials. We analyzed the properties of the water-soluble high-modulus silicate systems, and their technology for producing. The aim of this paper is the comparison properties of binders based on liquid glass containing strong organic bases silicates. We have shown how these systems are transformed, from lower to higher oligomers, through the formation of the silica sol and the implementation of the sol-gel process for these oligomers. We have conducted advanced research of various aspects of the use of these materials as the binder. Advantages of strong organic bases silicates in the preparation of heat resistant, nanocomposite materials are shown. Ways to obtaining quaternary ammonium silicates and their use to produce nanocomposites are proposed.

Products obtained in this way can be used as a binder in the preparation of nanostructured composite materials, water-based paints, coatings, etc. Modifiers have been proposed for making of hybrid nanostructured composite materials by a sol-gel process. Have been shown of structuring phenomena some aspects, synthesis and application of hybrid materials based on silica with grafted polymers. It has been shown, the possibility of modifying compositions using the nanostructuring agents such as tetrafurfuryloxysilane.

In the present work are also described methods of synthesis products for modifying a sol-gel process using polyurethanes.

This paper also describes methods for the synthesis of products for modifying a sol-gel process using organic soluble silicates. We are displaying their use for the production of new nanocomposite materials and coatings for protection against various external factors.

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