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Andrew Stewart - Advanced Industrial Coatings Using MOLECULAR REBAR®

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Andrew Stewart - Advanced Industrial Coatings Using MOLECULAR REBAR®


Andrew Stewart
Staff Materials Scientist
Molecular Rebar Design, LLC


Andrew Stewart is currently the Staff Materials Scientist at Molecular Rebar Design.  He is studying the incorporation of Molecular Rebar® into various thermoset systems, specifically epoxy coatings.  Andrew completed his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida in 2012 focusing on cement-epoxy interfacial interactions and long term environmental exposure.  He received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois in 2007 where he did research on antibacterial systems using silver and copper nanoparticles as well as synthesizing base supports for photonic crystals.


Discrete carbon nanotubes, called MOLECULAR REBAR® (MR) can be easily incorporated into epoxy-based industrial coatings formulations which can enhance the performance and lifetime of these systems under harsh field conditions.  In this study 0.5 wt% MR was incorporated into MIL DTL 53022, and steel coupons were sprayed resulting in layers consisting of a zinc rich polyurethane primer, epoxy mid coat (plus MR), and polyurethane top coat.  Mechanical properties were maintained or increased by the addition of MR, and corrosion resistance was significantly improved, as tested in salt fog spray and cyclic corrosion testing.  Gravelometer testing also indicated improved field performance with the presence of MR.  Applications such as marine coatings, infrastructure, transportation, oil field applications, general finish, and electrical coatings can all benefit from the addition of MR.

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